Monday, 29 July 2013

'You can grow flowers from where dirt used to be':

Last week was a busy one, which means it's been all quiet on the blogging front.  As well as working, I was writing a couple of freelance articles.  It's an exciting task, but also takes up quite a bit of time, and it's stressful having finite deadlines in my life again!

Two nights this week were dedicated to baking and decorating a birthday cake for my Dad.  He's just back from the rail trip of a lifetime (read about it here!) so a train shaped cake seemed appropriate, and I wanted to put some special effort into the first cake I've baked in years!  I was planning on blogging the whole process, but that seems laughable now when I think about what a state I was in.  It was a stressful and messy experience, with plenty of nightmare moments, some of which you can see in the photos above.  Craig had to talk me down from giving up completely quite a few times.  Melodramatic, I know.

In the end, though, the cake actually turned out okay.  As you can see, it ended up more pink than red, and the application of the icing left something to be desired, but it tasted all right and my Dad was chuffed.  See what I did there?

Between the torrential rain and the stress, I managed to snap some photos of a building site on the way to work that has been abandoned by humans, but reclaimed by nature.  I suppose it's been a week of seeing the good in potentially ugly things (that cake was definitely ugly at some points during the cooking process...).  Who knew piles of dirt could be beautiful?

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