Sunday, 28 June 2015

Dubrovnik, Croatia:

It's been a while now since my last holiday to the USA back in October, and just as long since I got to completely switch off from work, the internet and the everyday stresses that seem to bother me much more than they should.

Luckily, Craig and I were able to escape for a few (extremely hot) days to Dubrovnik in Croatia earlier this month. We walked until we had blisters and I felt like a sweaty mess most of the time in the humid 25-30 degree heat, but it was a stunning place and I loved the novelty of wearing shorts all the time. Imagine the complete opposite of your usual Scottish summer weather, and that's what we got.

Anyway, here are a few snaps of the Dubrovnik old town (where some of Game of Thrones was filmed), Lokrum Island and us being dorks. My top tip for anyone else visiting would be to check out sea food street food restaurant Barba, where we had an amazing octopus burger.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Instagram #32:

I thought I'd probably saved up enough photos to make another one of these worth it, so here we go! Strap yourself in for four months worth of Instagram memories...

1. Snowboarding for the first time ever on Valentine's Day with my lady love. (Craig was also there.)
2. The view at the top of a very snowy CairnGorm Mountain, taken after falling on my bum a lot while attempting to snowboard.
3. I've been taking a fair few domestic flights for work lately, so this has become a fairly standard sight in my life.

4. A truly wonderful burger at The Breakfast Club in Soho, London. I forced two of my work friends to travel on the Tube for an hour each way just to eat here, and it was totally worth it!
5. A dorky morning selfie, but I guess I felt good that day, so why not?
6. There's pretty much always cake at WOW247 meetings, and this time it came on Toy Story plates. Awesome, right?

7. Celebrating my oldest and best friend's birthday in March with a meal at my home from home, Burger Meats Bun.
8. My glorious usual at BMB: the Big Cheese and cheesy chips.
9. Another (perhaps unnecessary) selfie! I guess it was sunny that day, what with the sunglasses and all.

10. Craig's Easter basket, complete with a chocolate 'egg sandwich', Community mug and  - of course - Easter chicks.
11. My amazing Mary's Milk Bar Easter egg from Craig.
12. A photo in my Grandad's album (from August 1963) of the first Forth Road Bridge half built.

13. Irn Bru flavoured cider (discovered in Carlisle, of all places) called Clan MacFannie. Stay classy!
14. Me and the brother of the bride at his sister's lovely vintage-themed wedding. I could've been a '40s war wife, for sure.
15. The sun setting on one of many flights back to Edinburgh.

16. Attempting to juggle journalism and eating/drinking is not always the easiest, but as long as there's one hand free for my G&T...
17. A new decal for my laptop - I love it!
18. Home made salad ni├žoise, with smoked salmon instead of tuna. Yum! (And, yes, I actually prepared it myself...)

19. I got a complimentary postcard with my cocktail at Slighhouse on George IV Bridge.
20. I volunteered myself to DJ at my sister's flat warming, armed with Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire and way, way too much prosecco. Oops.
21. Visiting with my friends' new cockapoo puppy, and brand new love of my life.

22. Another shot of little baby Chumbo.
23. Indoor fireworks at a lovely wedding in the George Hotel.

25. Craig, me and our toothy smiles at the aforementioned wedding.
26. A delicious burger on my first visit to Bread Meats Bread in Glasgow. (I'm sorry Burger Meats Bun, please forgive me!)
27. Making new furry friends at Tchai-Ovna in Glasgow this weekend.

28. More burgers (at Nice 'N' Sleazy this time) with my best burger boys, Craig and Steven.
29. And my chosen Nice 'N' Sleazy burger, the Lucretia - delicious!