Friday, 5 July 2013

Inferior Design on Facebook:

Hi guys, I hope you're all looking forward to this sunny weekend (well, fingers crossed anyway!) whatever you have planned.  This is just a short, self advertising post to let you know about the Facebook page I have set up for Inferior Design.  A recent comment from another blogger on Twitter made me realise that many people who regularly read my blog probably don't have a Blogger account, and therefore can't 'follow' my posts in the conventional way.  

Love it or hate it, the majority of people these days have a Facebook account (even my 'Bookface' phobic Dad!), so setting up a dedicated Facebook page for Inferior Design gives those who want to keep up to date an easy way to feel included.  It also means that my Facebook friends who aren't partial to reading my blog (and that isn't a dig, I fully understand that everyone has different interests!) won't be as bombarded with links from my personal account.

Please feel free to like Inferior Design on Facebook at  You can also get there by clicking the Facebook icon in my right hand side bar.  Thank you to everyone who has already liked the page, even if we've never met, your support means a lot!

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