Thursday, 1 August 2013

Satchel lot of space:

I bought a set of decorative hooks in the Debenhams sale quite a while ago with the intention of using them to store jewellery on.  Typically, the hooks sat in the corner of the room gathering dust for a few months after I purchased them, and in that time I developed a slight obsession with satchels.  Ergo, my jewellery hooks became satchel hooks.  I've been switching between bags a lot more frequently lately, and it makes sense to have them easily accessible.  I also think they look quite nice on display instead of stuffed in a cupboard, although I'm not sure Craig agrees...

I used easy to remove, adhesive command hooks this time, rather than hammering big holes into the bedroom wall.  This style of bag is generally quite light, so I'm not worried about hanging a few of them up together.  It's a good job, really, as I'm pretty sure the size of my satchel collection will only grow over time!


  1. this is a nice idea! i never empty my bags properly though, so the weight of about 50 unused pens, chapstick and a box of tic tacs would eventually weigh them down I'd imagine. Where's the blue satchel from?? xxx

    1. Thanks! Haha, I have a tote bag for work that is full to the brim with all that stuff... The satchel is from, it's called the Pansy Blue Satchel. They have it in other colours too! xxx