Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Instagram #12:

1. My first set of acrylic nails, done by my lovely friend Jen (check out her Facebook page here!)  2. Some sweet williams in a make shift vase  3. A "gin 'mare" on World Gin Day (bad joke, I know)

4. My Daddy and me kicking it old school  5. Another baby photo, aren't we all much cuter than we are now?  6. Craig's new driving licence mugshot

7. Anthropologie finally had the 'C' back in stock!  8. My favourite part of the new Alkaline Trio artwork  9. A lost toy in the rain, the saddest thing I've ever seen!

10. Can you believe we picked up our names without even trying?  11. My sister with her handmade rabbit birthday cake  12. A Toy Story moment at work

13. The Temporary Secretary fox bag that I featured in a previous Inferior Inspiration post and couldn't resist buying!  14. Showing off the amazing picnic hamper that my lovely Mum bought for me  15. Our neighbours have chosen an interesting new colour for their front door!

16. A topknot to combat the ridiculous heat  17. Sunning my legs at the beach in Crail        18. An early birthday surprise for my friend Tom (it was love at first sight)

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