Monday, 8 December 2014

Instagram #29:

1. A stunning sunset from the WOW247 office window. No photo does the view justice - on a clear day you can see all the way from Fife to the top of Calton Hill, it's insane.
2. A Throwback Thursday photo with my wee pal Nicola (in honour of her birthday) as we got ready to see The Reflektors (AKA Arcade Fire) in Glasgow last year.
3. Waiting to interview the charming Jonnie Common while drinking an amazing orange hot chocolate at Mary's Milk Bar. Go have one!

4. An amazing rainbow I spotted on the walk to work that apparently ended in my office building... (No pot of gold, though.)
5. A wintery weekend face of the day, complete with fuzzy earmuffs. It wasn't even properly cold then - it's freezing now!
6. Tipsy shopping in Waitrose after a boozy Sunday lunch with my irresponsible family...

7. Two un-Christmassy dogs for our Christmas tree. They go perfectly with our Christmas ballerina alligator decoration.
8. Trying the daily special at Burger Meats Bun Edinburgh. It was the first time I have ever eaten something other than their Big Cheese burger. Not bad!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

'Hey life, I am still here':

I've been incredibly rubbish at getting blog posts written lately, and that's partly due to currently working two jobs, but - let's be real for a second - it's mostly a result of my own laziness. I'm definitely guilty of writing endless to do lists and then never completing (or usually barely even starting) any of them. This very blog post has taken over a week to finally get around to. Anyway, here's what I've been up to since I essentially fell off the face of the blogosphere back in October.

Here I am looking like a dork on my second graduation day, but smiling because I've finally escaped education forever. (Although I almost definitely said that last time around too...) Graduating with my MA journalism buddies was good fun, but the whole experience felt a little rushed and kind of surreal. I knew this would happen, but as quickly as it started (and very quickly totally overwhelmed me) my postgrad is over and done with.

Source: here

After graduation, normally the next task is to find a job. Lucky for me, I had actually already started a three month internship with WOW247 before officially graduating and I'll be there until January. I'm still working at my old job every other weekend so that means the occasional 12 day stint without a day off (just as fun as it sounds, let me tell you) but I'm really enjoying the opportunity I've been given.

I've been writing a lot of articles for the website (which you can feel free to browse through here) and I've also had the chance to do a bit of filming and editing, which I really love. I've interviewed Jonnie Common about his new album and Neil Pennycook about his new music pseudonym. I've discovered facts about two of my favourite movies - Ghostbusters and Ferris Bueller's Day Off - that even I didn't know. I got to write a piece about visiting Centralia, PA and include my own photos, which is lovely because I thought those pictures were kind of beautiful (in their own way) and deserved to be seen. It's great fun when you can draw on your life experiences in your work. I especially enjoyed choosing 13 films that perfectly portray what it's like to work in a crappy job - very therapeutic.

Weirdly I've found myself choosing washing up or laundry over blogging of late - simply because it means I get a break from staring at my computer screen. A hazard of the job, I suppose. Housework aside, I haven't really had the time or energy to do much outside of my two jobs, but I did manage to get some time off to celebrate Craig's birthday with him last month. We saw Nightcrawler at The Cameo (so good, but such a moral minefield for any journalist viewers!) and went for a lovely dinner at Rafael's in Stockbridge - highly recommended.