Monday, 1 July 2013

A 'haul' lot of shopping:

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate myself on the cheesiest post title of my blogging career so far. Secondly, here's a little post purely about some stuff that I bought for myself recently, also known (in the blogging and YouTube communities) as a 'haul'.  I even managed to find some bargains!

I scored a sweet deal with the recipe book, which was reduced to £5 in the Paperchase sale.  It was also the last one in the shop, and doesn't seem to be available online any more (sorry!).  It's one of those blank recipe notebooks that you can record your own culinary creations in, and it has plenty of pages!  I'm hoping it will inspire me not only to cook more, but also to start cooking from recipes and getting good at making my favourite dishes.

The copy of The Great Gatsby was a bargain too, as the back cover is damaged.  Waterstone's had reduced it to £2.99, and seeing as I was only buying it for myself to read I wasn't really bothered.  Damaged books need a home too!  Unlike almost everyone that I've met, I wasn't forced to read The Great Gatsby at school, and I've always felt that I missed out.  After seeing Baz Luhrmann's recent film adaptation, I decided it was definitely time to pick up a copy of the novel.

I nipped into HMV and was pleased to find that they had the new Alkaline Trio album back in stock (it was sold out last time I visited).  My Shame Is True is an excellent name for an album (for any budding Elvis Costello fans out there) and I'm sure this will be featuring in an Inferior Playlist some day soon.  I need to listen to the album more thoroughly, as so far there aren't any real stand out tracks for me.  It usually takes me a few listens to really like an album, and then I start to find my favourites.  I paid £12.99 for this, but didn't mind as I love the band and want to support them, and would much rather have a physical copy of the album than a download.

I also picked up The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.  Their earlier album Neon Bible has fast become one of my all time favourite records, but The Suburbs was the album with the most hype surrounding it when I worked at Fopp.  It has a totally different sound and feel to Neon Bible, but also to Funeral (the band's first album) and I'm hoping that I will come to enjoy The Suburbs just as much as them.  The album was £5.99 in HMV.

I am constantly on the look out for miracle products for curly hair.  Usually, in my experience, the bottle promises a great deal and delivers very little, which has made me shy away from spending money on hair styling products.  What's the point if they aren't going to work?  Upstairs in Boots on this shopping trip, I stumbled upon the holiday and travel section and found a huge variety of travel sized hair products.  I picked up the three 'curl friendly' products above for around £2 to £3 each (a fraction of what they would have cost in full size).  I will definitely be reporting my findings!

Yes, it may be tacky, but I have wanted a plastic bow ring for ages.  I think Kandee Johnson on Youtube was the first person I saw wearing one, and I instantly loved it.  I spotted this one in New Look for £2.50.  It fits my middle finger really well, and I love the colour.

Apologies for my face in this photo, but I thought the best way to show my new dress and belt was whilst wearing them!  This is me on my way to my sister's birthday party last weekend.  The dress was in the New Look sale for £12, and I adore the red flamingo print.  Flamingos seem to be everywhere this summer, for some reason!  It has a ruched waistline, which I decided to hide with a nude studded belt (also from New Look, and £3.99).  I think adding the belt made the dress hang better, and generally made the cut a bit more flattering.

Please leave links below if you have been indulging in any retail therapy lately, I love to shop vicariously!

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