Monday, 28 October 2013

Inferior Inspiration #9: Halloween edition!

Happy Halloween!  Even if you aren't dressing up and going out to celebrate this year, it's still fun to get in the festive spirit.  Here's some Halloween themed inspiration to put you in the mood:

1. I have a Scroobius Pip jumper in a very similar style to this Skeleton Sweater from Topshop, and it's so cosy and easy to wear.  I could see myself sporting this one all year round, but it's especially appropriate for October! (£35)

2. If you fancy a quiet one on All Hallows' Eve, you can always treat yourself to a lovely bath with the Lush Pumkin bubble bar, a nice drink and a good book. (£2.75)

3. These Topshop Halloween Nail Wraps make everyone's favourite terrifying monsters look super cute. (£6)

4. Craig and I spotted this Jack and Jones Skull Sweater for sale in USC.  It doubles up as both a Halloween sweater and a slightly morbid Christmas jumper.  Jumpers in this style are pretty unisex, and I wouldn't feel strange wearing this one.  If Craig decided to buy one, I would definitely pinch it! (£45)

5. I have a soft spot for novelty Le Creuset pieces, and this Petite Pumpkin Casserole (available at John Lewis) is adorable.  It almost inspires me to get cooking!  Almost... (£20)

6. You knew I wouldn't be able to resist including a decorative cushion, didn't you?  This embroidered skull cushion from Paperchase is cheery and creepy - what's not to love? (£22.50)

7. Another Topshop sweater, this time a cosy Knitted Pumpkin Face Jumper.  The design is almost verging on too scary for me, but I'm a self confessed wuss! (£38)

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