Sunday, 13 October 2013

Halloween decor 2013:

It's nearly time for inappropriate costumes, extreme sugar highs and Hocus Pocus, so I thought I'd put out the Halloween decorations again this weekend.  Like last time around, I've mostly kept the decorations to the mantlepiece in the living room, with a few bits and pieces dotted around the rest of the flat.  There are some new additions to my collection, but I've reused everything from last year too.  You can read 2012's Halloween decor post and see some close up photos here.

The pumpkin and ghost lights are from the Halloween decoration mecca that is Poundland, along with the tinsel.  I bought these last year, but everything is still available to buy if you like!  A word of warning, though: I saw exactly the same tinsel for sale in John Lewis for quite a bit more money, so don't be fooled, and shop around if you're decorating or throwing a Halloween party!  The felt black cat and pumpkin garland strung across the fireplace is a new purchase, found in Asda.  It doesn't seem to be available online, but I only bought this a few days ago, so check in store if you fancy one!

I had pumpkin fairy lights already (still available from Poundland) but wanted a different way to display them this year.  This crazy felt black cat loot bucket kind of reminds me of the Cheshire Cat, and is a perfect home for the pumpkin lights, with some black tissue paper inside to bulk it out.

The ghost tealight holder is another Poundland special (new this year) and I've popped him on top of my piano.  He was too cute to resist!  You might recognise my little wall hanging ghost below from last year.  Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be on sale in Poundland any more, which makes sense as I bought him two years ago now.

Finally, the cheery skeleton below is also from Asda this year and can be bought online (although I found him in store).  He's guarding the kitchen door in case any hungry ghosts turn up, isn't he sweet?

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