Sunday, 23 June 2013

Inferior Inspiration #6:

This inspiration post is really just a wishlist of cute summer clothes and accessories, because with the recent warmer weather has come the realisation that I have no summer appropriate clothes...

1. Although playsuits rarely fit nicely on me in real life, this one from New Look looks lovely on whoever they decapitated and dismembered to get the above image.  I'm definitely tempted to give it a go!  The playsuit seems pretty versatile, and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  It's an online exclusive, though, so won't be available in stores. (£16.99)

 2. I very nearly bought these Vans in the Office sale the other day.  The neon pink might not seem like my usual style, but I think it's balanced out by the grey, and I do like to embrace my girliness every once in a while! (£25)

3. Iona from Iona Blogs alerted my attention to this adorable fox satchel from the online store Temporary Secretary on Twitter, and it was love at first sight!  I'm probably going to order one of these for myself in the very near future! (£18)

4. If a backpack is more your style, how about this one from the Paperchase sale?  Just because it's sensible, doesn't mean it can't be cute!  Useful for summer expeditions and adventures. (£12.50)

5. After seeing this iPhone case in store today, it would be totally impractical to have on your phone, but it's still a fun design!  It's also from Paperchase. (£12)


  1. Was just having a wee browse through your blog and saw the fox bag I won, I've brought it on my holidays and it is the perfect size I love it! Love love love the Vans I have a hello kitty pair and those ones are possibly a little more (a little) grown up! :)

    Iona x

    1. I've already bought myself one of the fox bags, I'm so excited for it to arrive! A girl I work with saw it on my blog and wants to buy one too, haha! You've started a trend. I love Vans in general, they are so comfy, but I usually go towards the 'boyish' colours like blue and black. I always admire the Hello Kitty ones when I'm shopping though :) x