Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bathroom under sink organisation:

I'd like to start this post by putting my hands up and admitting that I am a terrible blogger.  When I finally found a solution to my under sink storage problems, I was so excited that I immediately tidied everything up and forgot to take any 'before' photos whatsoever...  This means that the 'after' shots (which, admittedly, were taken at night time in what is generally a dark bathroom) don't look very impressive at all, but it's a big improvement, just trust me!

The secret to my storage success is actually a slightly modified MOLGER step stool from IKEA (£17).  Craig moved the bottom step of the stool further back for me so that both steps (or shelves, as I am using them) are one on top of the other and fit to the left of the sink pedestal.  My 'organisation' on this side of the sink previously was just a plastic box with loose items piled on top of it.  I very rarely went into that box, because it was too much effort to move everything off it, so all of the things inside went unused and forgotten.

I put all of the items from the dreaded plastic box into a BYHOLMA basket (also from IKEA, £5.50) and on the top shelf of my stool.  Now all of my bath products are on display, easily accessible and no longer out of sight or out of mind.

Although space is limited on the lower shelf, Craig's washbag is tucked away neatly in its new home under there.  I like everything to have a place!  I keep all of our plastic bottles (bubble bath, moisturiser, mouthwash, that kind of thing) in the green plastic basket to the right.  The basket was from Poundland a while ago, and it is brilliant for the price!  I'm sure they still stock them, or will have something similar.  I keep my nail varnish in an identical basket in purple, and it makes it so easy to carry it all from room to room!

This set up might still look like a bit of a hot mess to some of you, but it's such an improvement on what we had before, in terms of functionality.  The space under the sink is such an awkward size and shape, and the bathroom is really too narrow to have anything bigger there.  I'll always be on the look out to improve this space (any suggestions are more than welcome!), but for now I'm just happy to have access to all my products again.

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