Monday, 10 June 2013

Inferior Inspiration #5:

After spending the weekend celebrating a family friend's birthday and having some delicious meals on some amazing tableware, I've been dreaming of new crockery.

1. The whole collection of Nature Table plates from Anthropologie are my favourite combination of strange and beautiful, but the Praying Mantis design is the weirdest (and therefore best). (£16)

2. These Burleigh Blue Calico plates are a more traditional style, but I still find them very pretty to look at.  It might be tricky to make sure they're clean when you're washing up, mind you!  You can find them at John Lewis in various sizes. (£9 - £14.50)

3. Although they're probably the most impractical type of crockery, I'm a sucker for dainty tea cups and saucers.  Some day, I'd like to have a whole mismatched collection of them!  I love the scalloped effect this set from Oliver Bonas has, as well as the lovely pastel colour. (£12.50)

4. I was very excited when I discovered that Le Creuset make mugs.  I mean, of course they do.  Why wouldn't they?  But, still, it's exciting!  They come in pretty much every colour you can imagine, and I spotted them at Debenhams. (£12)


  1. I love those Anthropologie plates too, I remember seeing one with a chameleon on it and I basically NEED it in my life.
    I had no idea Le Creuset made mugs either, I assumed they just did pans and that was it! Wish I hadn't started browsing through the website, now I'm determined that I have to buy everything from the 'Teal' range.

    1. I love the goldfish plate from Anthropologie too! The chameleon one sounds amazing. I really want some Le Creuset mugs... But the last thing I need are more mugs! Also, try not to develop a Le Creuset habit, most if it is so expensive...