Friday, 31 May 2013

Oliver Bonas, Edinburgh:

If you've never heard of Oliver Bonas, don't worry, you and I were in the same boat up until a week ago.  The stores are primarily based in London, with a few scattered across England, but the brand new Edinburgh shop is the first one to reach Scotland.  I was invited along (by the lovely Emma!) with a few other bloggers to celebrate the Hanover Street store's grand opening, and I had a fantastic time!

I was very excited to find out that Oliver Bonas sells a huge array of clothes, jewellery, homeware and even beauty products.  I was especially excited about the homeware!  Apparently Oliver Tress, the founder of Oliver Bonas based the idea for the business on 'his love for buying unusual gifts for friends on his travels'.  This means that the stock is hugely varied, and there is something for every price range.  The Edinburgh shop is laid out beautifully, with attractive displays and plenty of space to browse.  Think Anthropologie, but a little younger and with more neon colours!

I love the cardboard stag heads in the photo above, they're the most decorative ones I've ever seen!  My favourite has to be the little birdhouse on the far left, though.  Wouldn't that be a cute addition to any home?

This necklace is one of many stunning statement necklaces on display at the back of the Edinburgh store.  Normally I would be totally intimidated by jewellery like this, and I would never even think about trying to pull it off myself.  However, one of the lovely staff members at the event was wearing this necklace as part of her uniform, and it looked amazing!  She told me she was planning to wear it with her graduation dress, but it looked just as good with a simple black collared shirt.  It turns out it's a surprisingly versatile piece, and it just goes to show that it's worth trying these things on!

These ornate iron chairs in various pastel colours are a big part of the shop's window display at the moment, and I think they do a great job of summing up the feel of Oliver Bonas as a store.  They are also so summery!  If I had a patio, or even a balcony (sigh, a girl can dream) then I'd be in great danger of purchasing a few for myself!

Sofas, chairs, stools and benches from The Velvet Chair Company are dotted all over the Edinburgh store in a huge variety of colours.  I even tried one out, although the price tag made me a little bit nervous!  If you're looking to make a quality soft furnishing investment, however, the chairs look great and are obviously sturdy.

Just to add to the excitement, two barmen from Candy were on site to mix us up some delicious fresh cocktails (my favourite of which was served in a jam jar!) and we were all given a hand decorated Bibi's Bakery cupcake to take home with us.  Some of the best butter icing I've ever tasted ensued!

So, what did I buy?  Well, I honestly could have bought almost everything in the entire shop.  Lianne and Gillian kept (nervously) laughing every time I picked something up off a shelf and announced that I didn't just want it, but needed it, but that's really how I felt!  In the end, I was quite sensible and went for a Korres lip butter in jasmine (above) and two glass neon bottles that I had been eyeing up all night (below).

I had a lovely time at Oliver Bonas, and was extremely excited and grateful to be invited along.  I will undoubtedly be back in store to have more of a browse, and I would recommend it if any of the stock in my photos seems up your street.  If you're more local to Glasgow, you might be happy to hear that an Oliver Bonas is due to open on Byres Road soon.  If not, there is always the option to shop online, and there are literally thousands of products available there.  My poor bank balance!

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