Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vanilla Ink reward:

I thought it might be nice to share my Vanilla Ink Kickstarter reward (which I was very excited to receive recently!) with you all.  If you have no idea what Vanilla Ink is, you can read about the group's studio, what they do and what their recent Kickstarter was all about in my first and second posts from a little while ago.

I received a handmade thank you card from Scarlett (on behalf of all of the Vanilla Inkers), as well as my beautiful Vanilla Ink brass badge.  The badge is now in pride of place on my most worn jacket, and it is a simple but beautifully made keepsake that I will treasure!

Thanks to the success of their Kickstarter campaign, the Vanilla Inkers will be exhibiting at the International Jewellery London trade fair from Sunday 1st to Wednesday 4th of September this year.  You can still see their Kickstarter page here, or otherwise get up to date information about what they're up to on Facebook or Twitter.

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