Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Instagram #10:

1. Drinking Don Draper's favourite at Bar Kohl  2. In the midst of a hair cut  3. Before and after photos of that hair cut!

4. A raspberry scented candle in a mug from Primark  5. My big sister and me circa 1994-ish (for National Siblings Day)  6. Dressing like a country singer

7. My favourite of all his silly faces  8. Pancakes with the works at City Cafe  9. One cup of joe, please

10. Strawberry socks  11. The top of Calton Hill on a beautiful sunny day off  12. All the essentials for RSD 2013 (mint humbugs and sunglasses?  Check!)

13. Sad lads  14. Glad lads  15. A romantic photo shoot on our trip to Paris

16. A takeaway brownie from the amazing Lovecrumbs  17. A tiny Craig eating a normal sized Custard Cream, or a normal sized Craig eating a giant Custard Cream? You decide!   18. No filter required for this lovely sunset after work

How was your April?  I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

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