Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Back to school stationery haul:

Following on from last week's academic planner guide, I'm continuing the back to school theme with a little stationery haul.  As I've already mentioned, I absolutely love stationery, and I especially love shopping for it and buying it, even if I never actually get around to using it...  This time, I think I've been quite sensible with my choices and hopefully I will get good use out of everything I've bought when I'm back at uni.  The only mistake I made was buying more notebooks.  I already have more than I think I could ever use in my entire lifetime, but I can't help falling under their spell...

These brightly coloured, geometric design notebooks are lined inside (or else my writing would end up all wonky) and were purchased from the Urban Outfitters sale a few months ago.  They don't seem to be available online, but have a check in store if you're passing by, just in case there are some still hiding on the shelves!  I think they were around £3 each in the sale.

I spied this neon chevron beauty out of the corner of my eye when buying some cards in Scribbler and couldn't deny myself the joy of owning it.  It's a little smaller in size than the Urban Outfitters notebooks, but still ruled inside, so great for days when I don't want to carry a lot with me to class. (£3.99)

I managed to go a little Sharpie mad on a spontaneous stationery binge in Asda (who knew they would have so much AWESOME back to school stuff there?!) but please bear with me.  The Sharpie 0.3mm fine tip pens (above) come in a pack of four colours, which will be great for colour coding lecture notes or tasks in my planner, and write both smoothly and precisely. (£2 at Asda)

I've had my eye on these Sharpie highlighters for a long time, and I was so happy to finally find an excuse to buy them!  The angled tips are quite fine, which makes highlighting a lot less messy, and owning a blue highlighter is quite the novelty for me. (£2.75 at Asda)

PASTEL COLOURED SHARPIES.  Look at them.  Just look at them.  I actually found these babies at Paperchase but - like most of the items in this haul, it turns out - they don't seem to be available on the website, so some high street hunting may be in order to source them.  Nonetheless, I'm excited to draw up some pretty mind maps in candy colours with the help of these bad boys. (£4.75)

Everyone loves a bit of Hello Kitty, and everyone loves those pens that have four colours in one, so why not combine the two?  I picked one up (from Asda again) along with a pack of four seperate Hello Kitty biros (both £2).  For me, even just having cute and cheerful pens is enough to motivate me to keep going and get some work done.

Finally, I picked up one of my most used stationery items in my fourth year of uni: page markers.  These ones are adorable and look like pencils (stating the obvious...), whilst still doing their practical and boring job of keeping your place.  Something no student should be without! (£0.50 at Asda)

What are your stationery or back to school must haves?


  1. Casually procrastinating a week away from my coursework deadline and now I really want to visit Asda!

    1. Go for it! Although they have the most stationery in around August/September.

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