Saturday, 23 March 2013

Vanilla Ink update:

If you read my post about Vanilla Ink a couple of weeks ago (find it here) then, like me, you will be pleased to hear that the group reached their Kickstarter target within their time limit and will be attending the International Jewellery London trade fair in September.  Hooray!

Source: Vanilla Ink's Kickstarter

As you can see, the Vanilla Inkers ended up raising over £1,000 over their goal amount with time to spare, which is both amazing and inspiring!

Source: Vanilla Ink's Storify

The group retrospectively recorded their journey to success (via social media) using Storify, and I am honoured to be included!  Seeing this small yet determined collective reach their fairly hefty goal has restored my faith in humanity a little bit, and made me proud that the internet can be used for good as well as evil, productivity as well as lolcats and time wasting.

You can still support Vanilla Ink by visiting their website (here) and seeing what they're all about.  They are also on Facebook (here) and Twitter (here), and, thanks to everyone who helped them on their way to £6,800 plus, they've got a good chance of going far.  Good luck, Vanilla Inkers!

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