Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Resolutions review #1:

When I originally posted about my New Year's resolutions for 2013, I mentioned that (like the majority of people I know) I've never been very good at keeping resolutions in the past.  Maybe it's because this year I published them on the internet, but for some reason I actually feel like I'm doing okay so far!

1. Write:
I've surprised myself by actually dedicating a couple of full days to my own creative writing (not just blog posts) in the past month or so.  Once I get going, I usually become so absorbed in writing that I can spend a whole day happily tapping away at my keyboard.  (This usually results in me still sitting on the sofa in my pyjamas and dressing gown at 4pm...)  Hopefully I can continue to spend more time writing, and maybe even finish a piece in the near future.  Unheard of!

2. Read:
Okay, I'll admit that I actually haven't done so well with reading more so far this year...  However, at the moment I'm working my way (slowly but surely) through The Lost Continent: Travels In Small-Town America by Bill Bryson.  It's the chronological first in many Bill Bryson books that my sister gave my for Christmas, so I'd better get a move on and get it finished!  What are you reading at the moment?

3. Blog:
So far in 2013 I've updated the look of my blog, attended a Scottish Bloggers meet up (you can read more about that here) and continued with fairly regular updates.  Hooray!

4. Decorate:
Yes, yes, unfortunately there are still boxes piled up in the spare room, and the sofa still hasn't been covered.  Our spare bedroom/music room/office/laundry room/gym is high up on my list of rooms to sort out once and for all.  I've already managed to create my own little desk area (see here) and brighten up the room's vanity/sink unit (here), but things tend to pile up and get forgotten about in there, as we don't use the room as much as the rest of the flat.  I'll definitely be working on it in the near future and chronicling my progress here.  If only I had more time to dedicate to organising and decorating!

5. Save:
Believe it or not (I'm looking at you here, Dad) I have managed to save some money on every pay day so far this year.  I know there have only been two pay days in 2013, but it's the thought that counts...

6. Travel:
That hard earned and saved cash will most likely be going towards the trip that Craig and I are taking to Paris in April.  I'm extremely excited about it!  We're only going for four days (and three nights) but we'll definitely pack in as much sightseeing and fun as we possibly can in that time.  After Paris, my sights will be firmly set on organising and saving for a trip to America (something I've been meaning to do since I turned 21...).

7. Waste less time:
Umm, I'll get back to you on this one...  In my defence, I have recently joined the gym (and not even at gunpoint) so that's one or two evenings less a week spent sitting on the sofa.  The internet is still a black hole that sucks up a huge amount of my free time, but I'm hoping that once spring and then summer eventually get here I'll have more energy to get out and about more.

How have your resolutions been going so far?  Inspiring success stories welcome!


  1. Nice one! I'm so bad with resolutions I can't even remember mine any more... I have read five and a half books since the year started though, I feel that probably counts for something. Currently reading Slaughterhouse 5, which Liam recommended. It's fantastic! Super short too.

    1. You're a much better reader than I am! Teach me?

  2. Great job on keeping up with your resolutions! My resolution was to lose the extra 20 lbs I've been wanting to get rid of, and I started today with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. So I hope to see some results from that. (In combination with less brownies and steak fajitas... which is the hard part)

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Thank you very much! Good luck with your resolution, you can do it :) I'm not doing very well with eating healthily at the moment, but I'm hoping it'll get easier as the weather gets better! :)