Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mi-Pac Cosmos rucksack:

I followed through on my recent wish list post and bought myself a new rucksack for my dissertation and documentary travels.  Of course, the bag I chose in the end wasn't on my wish list at all.  Not long after writing that post I stumbled upon the Mi-Pac backpack in the cosmos print on the Urban Outfitters website and instantly fell in love.  I ended up purchasing it on Amazon (and saved myself a couple of pence) but at £30ish this rucksack was among the cheapest I've seen that matched my needs.

As I've already mentioned previously, I was specifically looking for something that had a secure and protected space for my laptop, as well as plenty of space for books, cables, bits and bobs of camera equipment and even clothes if I need to stay overnight somewhere during filming.  This backpack has all of that, and I'm really happy with the quality and the pretty print - it's perfect!

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