Friday, 16 May 2014

Crazy plate lady:

Today I (gingerly) made the first step back onto the interior improvement bandwagon.  I still have plenty of fairly big projects I want to carry out in our flat over the summer - including rejigging the spare bedroom and FINALLY covering the bloomin' sofa - but I thought I'd start small, just to ease myself in gently.

So, since I seem to have become the kind of person that collects decorative plates, I hung them on our living room wall for the world to see.  I'll admit they look a little odd in the photo below, dwarfed by that big, wonky frame collage on a huge expanse of white wall, but they look good in person (I promise) and I'm sure they will soon be joined by some other ceramic friends.

You will probably recognise the chameleon plate from when it used to hang above the fireplace, but it has since been replaced by my wooden stag head.  The plate is still available from Anthropologie (it's part of the Natural World Dessert Plate line) and I would love to buy a few more from the same collection at some point.

The Jimbob Art bear plate was a lovely Christmas gift from my best friend, and I think she'll be happy to see that it's finally out of the box!  The designer does all sorts of other ceramics, and they are available to buy in his online shop.

As the more observant among you might have already noticed, one of these things is not quite like the others.  That's because one of the items I hung on my plate wall is actually a miniature horse's head, made by my very talented friend!  Fans of Parks and Recreation may recognise him as wonder horse Li'l Sebastian, isn't he cute?

I used my trusty adhesive plate hangers to hang both plates and Li'l Sebastian, and they worked perfectly, as always! 

Finally, I added a black and white chevron Urban Outfitters photo frame I've had lying around for a while (which sadly isn't on the website anymore) to the frame collage, and popped an adorable little print from The Grey Earl inside.


  1. Sooooooooooooooooooo wher's your 'Manly'Fish hiding?????

    1. I haven't decided where he's going yet, but he will definitely be up soon! :) xxx