Thursday, 8 May 2014

Instagram #22:

1. I finally had time for a haircut and chopped off my dead, blonde ends.
2. Caught in the act of being antisocial on the way to the SurGE magazine launch.
3. My lovely award from the evening (which someone spilled a drink on...).  I'm not sure how much use I would actually be on a desert island, but it's a very nice thought!

4. The amazing light up dance floor at The Voodoo Rooms where we celebrate our launch.  You can read more about the magazine and the launch night here if you are intrigued!
5. Outside the Barrowland Ballroom before we saw the ever amazing Brand New.
6. A very special trip to Lovecrumbs.  I had requested the brownie meringue pie in advance on Twitter, and it was waiting for me when I arrived!  I love that place.

7. Basking in Edinburgh's Botanic Garden on a beautifully sunny day with my sister.  Come back, sun!
8. I discovered the American food section in our local Tesco, and treated myself to a peanut butter Snickers.
9. Almost an identical photo to last year from another Easter egg hunt in my parents' back garden.  You're never too old!

10. Erm, remember that sunny day...?  Here's the rain clinging to the window on a gloomy morning at work.
11. I finally took my mammoth penny jar to the bank and got over £20 out of it - not bad!
12. Craig and I continued our crusade to find Edinburgh's (nay, Scotland's) best burger and hit up the newly opened Burger. just down the road in Fountainbridge.  Their burgers (and fries) were delicious, and I was really impressed!

13. Just horsing around with two of my favourite lads.
14. This is an ironic selfie, I promise, just to illustrate that I am pretty much always wearing the same top, make up and hair when I take selfies...
15. Deep in the depths of despair only a week ago as I tried to cram for exams.  My neon stationery kept me cheery(ish).

16. Re-reading my undergrad dissertation for inspiration/procrastination purposes and finding a fair bit of it quite funny.  I'm not sure if that was the point of the exercise, mind you.
17. A motley crew after an exam, drowning our sorrows!
18. My closing interest on a savings account.  I had to laugh when they handed it to me...

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