Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Organ Grinder's Monkey album launch:

A few weeks ago, I brought your attention to the brilliant Edinburgh band Meursault, and their attempt to raise £3,000 on Kickstarter (read my original post here).  In the end, over £5,000 was pledged by fans and supporters of the group (an amazing result!) and this weekend they'll be on their way to Texas for the famous SXSW music festival.

In return for our pennies, Craig and I were jointly rewarded with a copy of the Organ Grinder's Monkey covers album Meursault recorded in just a few days, and a screen printed poster of the album's track listing.  I love the cute little monkey (designed by the talented Fiona Buckle) and we will definitely be framing our poster as a souvenir.

We also pledged for tickets to the album's live launch night, which took place last Saturday night at Penicuik Town Hall.  Meursault's fantastic line up of musicians played The Organ Grinder's Monkey from start to finish, and held the attention of their delighted audience for over two hours.  The full track listing of the album was kept secret until the night of the gig, which made collecting our album and poster on arrival very exciting!

I knew more covers on The Organ Grinder's Monkey than I initially thought I would, and was especially pleased to hear Meursault's take on one of my favourite Mountain Goats songs, No Children.  The gig had a truly happy atmosphere, and I felt lucky to be in on such a special and intimate performance.  When the band reappear on this side of the Atlantic, be sure to catch them live and see for yourself!

The music portion of SXSW will take place between the 11th and 16th of March, and Meursault will then tour around America.  You can see their Kickstarter page here for more information, or follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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