Friday, 7 March 2014

Instagram #20:

1. I was extremely popular with Nicola's pets when I met them, for some reason!
2. Nicola practicing high fives with her furry friend.
3. A delicious Lovecrumbs special for Valentine's Day (I even shared it with my Valentine!).

4. The lovely Jordan being 'SO AMERICAN' (her words not mine) at her awesome flat party.
5. Craig and a doggy friend.
6. Pizza party!

7. Being pretentious on the bus with our matching MacBooks.  (It turns out that trying to type on my laptop on the bus makes me travel sick, who knew?)
8. I splashed out for a posh pay day lunch, but it wasn't really worth it in the end.  Looks good, though!
9. I finally framed the amazing birthday card my friend Tom drew and coloured for me.  It's a bit of an obscure reference, but watch this video and you'll understand.

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