Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Burger Meats Bun, Glasgow:

 It's no secret that there is a special place in my heart for a good burger.  Last September I posted my list of Edinburgh's best burgers, and intended to write a corresponding one for Glasgow.  Sadly, this venture has been put on hold since I became a poor (and extremely busy) student again!  Still, when I was through for Glasgow's Film Festival last month, I did manage to pay my first visit to a restaurant I'd heard a lot about called Burger Meats Bun.

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Burger Meats Bun is hidden in a basement on West Regent Street, and when Nicola and I first popped in on a busy Friday night it was standing room only.  While waiting for a table, we enjoyed a drink at the bar.  As you probably know, I'm a fan of a cocktail or two, so I opted for a Dark & Stormy, with dark rum, lime juice and ginger beer.  It was delicious!  But I should have mixed it up before I drank it...  Rookie mistake.

After waiting our turn, we were seated at a tiny bar style table and asked for our order.  One of my favourite things about Burger Meats Bun is the simplicity of their menu.  You might think that a choice of three beef burgers, two chicken burgers, a veggie burger and a few sides isn't much, but when the burgers are this good, there's no need to dress them up with too many fancy toppings.  And, believe me, these burgers really are unbelievably tasty - I can't stress that enough!

The minimal menu also cuts down the excruciating decision making process, and pretty much eliminates the chances of food envy when your friend's burger looks infinitely more delicious than your own on arrival.  In my expert opinion, you can't beat a good, old fashioned cheese burger, and that's exactly what I ordered.

Burger Meats Bun don't believe in plates.  Of course, no plates mean no washing up, and that's a philosophy I can get on board with.  Instead, our burgers arrived wrapped in paper (kind of like McDonald's, but better) accompanied by a bucket of homemade fries.  The homemade part is important, because so many restaurants let their amazing burgers down with bog standard frozen chips.  We treated ourselves to a couple of yummy Pineapple Express cocktails with our food, which were on the specials board.

Okay, I have a confession to make now.  My first Burger Meats Bun experience was so good that I went back with other friends two days later.  And I ordered exactly the same thing.  Excessive?  No, because this was (on both occasions) the BEST burger I have eaten in a long time.  And if that doesn't persuade you, then I don't know what will!


  1. I have heard loads of great things about this place, but as a veggie I thought i'd be left out. good to know they have a veggie burger. even better to know the cocktails are good that. that ginger beer & rum thing sounds delicious.

    1. The cocktails are great! Let me know how the veggie burger is if you go :)