Sunday, 8 September 2013

Instagram #14:

1. Drinking Aperol spritzes (eurgh) at the Spiegel Terrace with Olivia  2. Meeting Scroobius Pip after his Fringe show!  3. A delicious new Crabbies flavour

4. Sensible gig attire, no pretty dresses and stilettos here...  5. Cheery Marianne!  6. The suitcase bar at Pilgrim just off the Cowgate 

7. Thoughtful Marianne (at Lovecrumbs)  8. A very foggy day  9. The floor of the ladies toilets at Steak, which is made entirely of one pence pieces

10. A spontaneous TK Maxx haul  11. A crazy little wookie dog in the Michael Kors catalogue  12. We visited Electric Brae!

13. Taking self indulgent selfies before my birthday party  14. Beautiful flowers (and jug!) for my birthday, from Emily   15. A delicious birthday cake, home made by my wee Mum

16. Frozen margaritas modelled by Helen  17. Birthday balloons and cards  18. Hanging out with a panda pal at the zoo

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