Thursday, 12 September 2013

Birthday treats:

I got some lovely gifts for my birthday last week, including a few awesome homeware pieces.   Clearly my family and friends have been reading my posts and know me well!

These cushions were made by a lovely lady who runs a small business from home in Arran called Sugar & Spice.  My parents picked them up for me at a craft fair, and the guitar print is adorable!  They fit perfectly in our guitar-stuffed flat, and they aren't too girly for Craig either.

Mr Fox is a sand filled doorstop that I fell in love with when he appeared in the window of a local shop, and Craig bought for me.  (I know he is also available online!)  He's almost too cute to actually use as a doorstop, so his new home hasn't quite been decided yet.

The beautiful jug vase and flowers (which featured in my recent Instagram update, and are still going strong!) were a gift from my friend Emily, who also made me an amazing and delicious birthday cake.  You can have a nosey at it here, it's stunning!

My lovely Mum and Dad also gave me the Some Like It Hot coaster, which is actually an original piece of film stock from the movie.  It's one of my all time favourite films, and I'm actually starting to build up a little collection of memorabilia from it!

As well as taking me out for a tasty dinner, filling me with frozen margaritas and fuelling my Paperchase addiction with a voucher, my sister, also gifted me this Le Creuset wine cooler.  There's nothing worse than waiting for your wine to cool down in the fridge (apart than drinking warm wine, that is) and this beauty lives in the freezer and cools your bottle while you drink it.  Owning a wine cooler makes me feel like a proper grown up, and I love the bright orange colour!

My friend Ruaridh is quite the camera connoisseur, and he found me this Fujifilm Instax 100 (originally sold in 1999) and loads of film.  It's the same idea as a Polaroid, where the photos are developed instantly, and we had great fun with it at my party.  I've always admired Ruaridh's own Instax, so I was chuffed to receive my own!

My main present from Craig was a pre-order of the video game Grand Theft Auto V, which will be released on 17th September.  I had a choice between perfume and GTA V, and I barely even had to think about it!  Such a girly girl, I know.  Craig hand made me this 'voucher' for the game which entitles me to this 'life consuming' birthday present.  I was so impressed with the voucher - he did so well considering we don't even have a printer!  I'm also really looking forward to receiving my copy of the game!  So long, social life.

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I got so many birthday wishes and amazing gifts from my friends and family, I feel so lucky and spoiled!  I also received several vouchers and cards (even some handmade ones!) which I'm looking forward to spending.  To everybody who got in touch or gave me something for my birthday, thank you, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.  You're the best!

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