Monday, 25 February 2013

Vanilla Ink:

Vanilla Ink Studios in Dundee is currently home to nine extremely talented jewellers who need your help.  The group have been chosen to showcase their work at the prestigious International Jewellery London trade fair this September, which would obviously be an amazing and invaluable experience.  

Click here to pledge and help Vanilla Ink!

Necklace by Leanne

Unfortunately, the cost to attend something like IJL is high, and this is where you (and I) can really make a difference.  Through Kickstarter, Vanilla Ink are accepting pledges for donations to help them reach their goal of £6,800.  You can pledge anything from £2 to £1,000 (or more, if you like!), and the money will only be taken from your account if the Vanilla Inkers successfully reach their target amount.

Ring by Audrey

As well as feeling like a good person for donating some money to a good cause, you will also receive something in return from Vanilla Ink for your trouble, if they reach their goal amount.  Isn't that nice?  Depending on the amount of money you pledge to the cause you will receive various tokens of gratitude, ranging from a simple (but heartfelt) thank you via social media all the way up to jewellery making classes and bespoke jewellery pieces,

Earrings by Filipa

As you may or may not know, Dundee is my university city, and therefore very close to my heart.  Even though my degree was in English and film, I still spent quite a bit of time hanging around the art college, Duncan of Jordanstone, visiting and getting  under the feet of my arty friends.

Ring by Scarlett

I used to love visiting Emily in her studio and chatting with her (and her studio mates) while she worked (and I didn't...).  I always felt like the studios in the art college had a much better atmosphere than the library, and wished that there could have been 'studios' for us humanities students as well.

Glasses frames by Victoria

When I first heard about Vanilla Ink Studios, through Leanne, I thought it was a great idea and an amazing opportunity for these jewellers to have the continued support and security of a studio post-university or college.  
Please check out to find out more about the Vanilla Inkers, and to see more of their wonderful and unique work (I only had room to display a few of my favourites here).

If you can, please pledge a little towards their Kickstarter and help them to get to London.  I have no doubt that with a little help and encouragement, these talented jewellers could end up household names in the future!

Click here to pledge and help Vanilla Ink!

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