Thursday, 7 February 2013

Keeping my vanity in check:

I've just completed my first home decor project of 2013, and it only took me about an hour and a half!  Remember the slightly odd vanity unit/sink in our spare bedroom?  (I wrote about it in my 'Quirks and Perks' post, way back in July.)  Today I managed to tone down the cream/beige overload our landlord had going on there, and added some much needed colour!



The wallpaper that I used is a bit of an inside joke, because I saw it in the window of a shop once and thought it was a pretty funny take on the generic feature wallpaper that everybody seemed to have on one wall of their living rooms or bedrooms at one point.  My Mum was with me when I saw it, and thought it was hideous...  (It's okay, Mum, it's meant to be tongue in cheek.)  I got one roll from eBay for around £12, and I've still got lots left.

The hardest part of this whole process was getting the blooming cupboard door off the unit to make a template...  Once I had managed that, the rest was fairly straightforward.  I used the back of a cheap roll of wrapping paper to make a rough template of the whole door.

I then cut that down into a template of just the middle section of the door (the only part I wanted to wallpaper).  I used this template to cut a section of wallpaper, which I could then neaten up using the door as guidance.  Once I had one piece of wallpaper cut to the right size, the rest was easy!  I just traced around it with a pencil (it felt like primary school) and carefully cut out sections for the other three doors.

Next came these babies - found in the Anthropologie sale and perfect for the fun, cute and a little bit silly theme I was going for with this project.  They are literally cute as a button!

Et voila!  The finished product.  I used good old Blu-Tack to attach the wallpaper to the doors, which worked better than I thought it would (although might not last as long as I'm hoping).  I might look into finding some other way to attach it so that the paper is flush to the door fronts, but the key thing for this project was making the changes very temporary.  After all, we're only renting this flat, and we need to leave it the way we found it when we move on.

 I know that the Blu-Tack won't mark and will come off easily, and I've put the original door knobs in a safe place so that I can replace them when the time comes.  It just goes to show, you can add a bit of character without doing any permanent damage!

I'm working my way up to sharing the whole spare room with you guys, but I have a bit of work still to do on it first!  Still, I'm proud of myself for finally doing something I've been talking about since July, and amazed at how little time it took.  I hope you enjoyed seeing this small transformation, and that it inspires you to get on with any wee home decoration projects you've been putting off.  You can do it! :)


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    1. Thank you! :) It makes such a difference to the room! xxx