Friday, 8 February 2013

Instagram #7:

Lucky number 7!

1. An outfit of the day (featuring Scroobius Pip  2. Drinking tea, watching Juno and putting together a frame collage on a rainy afternoon  3. My lovely bargain pink lilies
4. More tea out of the mug I bought my Dad (somewhat ironically...)  5. My cool Dad's labeller  6. The first time I'd ever seen my Mum wearing her engagement ring!
7. Instagramming four lunches at once at my Mum's birthday meal  8. A very necessary hangover feast  9. When Krispy Kreme invaded the Grassmarket
10. Free promotional doughnuts!  11. Awesome new Vans wellies (bought in the Schuh sale)  12. The snowy weather that the wellies were bought for!
13. Delicious Malteaser cupcakes tempting me at work  14. An interesting horoscope...  15. Neil Pennycook (of Meursault) singing his heart out
16.  An attempt to show off a much needed eyebrow wax!  17. A very special Frightened Rabbit pre-order  18. A beautiful (but cold) sunny Edinburgh Saturday
19. Practising my lens flare skills on Craig  20. Chai tea at Loopy Lorna's  21. A fishy wallpaper friend
22. My first ever manicure!