Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I haven't had Instagram for very long, but it's quickly become my favourite social networking platform.  I'm very nosey about other peoples' daily lives and photos!  I also really enjoy reading Instagram photo dump posts on other blogs, so thought I would post one of my own to give you an insight into what I've been up to this summer.  (I got the bus home from work in the dark at 9 0'clock last night, I'm pretty sure summer is almost over now, boo.)

1. A very, very rainy day.  We've been having a few of those around here lately...  2. A night out in Glasgow for my sister's birthday  3. A tiny Meursault gig at The Haven Cafe, Leith 

4. Fancy food on paper plates at the Taste of Edinburgh food festival (before it got rained off!)  5. Craig's first oyster  6. A face of sheer, chocolatey joy

7. Another Meursault gig, this time at the Queen's Hall  8. An out of place mailbox in Ecclesmachan
9. My new neighbour's charming doormat

10. The bare fridge essentials  11. Branston, the cutest guest at a recent family party  12. Fireworks on George IV Bridge for the Edinburgh Festival

13. Me today on my day off, getting ready to go out in the sweltering sun!

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, my username is @justthemedicine (the same as my Twitter), and please feel free to leave me your own Instagram usernames in the comments!  Like I said, I'm very nosey.

I hope you've all had as much sun as we have here in the Edinburgh area today!  I'm away to check out my inevitable shoulder sunburn now...

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