Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A real live bed:

I have a bed!  A real live bed!  I am indescribably happy about it, too.  Smug smiles all round, and better lumbar support as well.

After admittedly giving Argos a bit of a slagging off in my last post, I should tell you that this bed frame is from there and I'm very pleased with it.  Unlike the drawers and wardrobe we bought previously, the bed frame feels very solid and was easy to put together, with minimal tools required.  I also really like the colour of the wood, and it matches my chest of drawers quite well.  If you're interested, the frame is called the Manisha double bed, although I notice that it is now being advertised at £749.99, and I certainly didn't pay that much for it!  We paid under £150, and that was including a delivery charge.  Here it is in all its glory:

I've chosen gold as an accent colour in our bedroom, which I think will go well with the creams and browns that make up the majority of the rest of the colour scheme.  Obviously there is a lot more still to do in terms of wall art and knick knacks. I have a few frames and ornaments that I'm going to repurpose by spray painting them gold, but there are still a couple of things that I'd like to buy.

1. These GARNITYR storage boxes from IKEA come in loads of different shapes and sizes, and I'd like to get two or three to use as under bed storage.  Because our bed is quite high, you can see what we've got under there, so ideally it should be both neat and pretty!

2. I have a mirror similar to this one hanging in my room at my parents' house, which I'm going to steal back and hang in our room here.  (Picture found on Google Images.)

3. Ideally, I'd like to have transparent glass lamp bases with gold or beige coloured shades on them for bedside lamps, but after some research I've realised that those are quite pricey!  I think this IKEA KNUBBIG table lamp would be an excellent (and much cheaper) alternative.

I'll update you all soon on how the spray painting goes (I'll hopefully be getting it done on Friday without too much mess...!) and I'll post some photos of the results!  Also, if anyone has seen any nice, yet affordable gold cushions anywhere lately, please let me know!


  1. Your bed looks so, so comfy. I know I'm biased, but these cushions: and are £3.99 and £9.99 respectively, and if you sign up to the H&M Home newsletter online you get 25% off online home orders. :) Hope that helps!
    S xx

  2. Ooh, these are lovely, Seonaid :) And £3.99 is a bargain! I'll have to work on talking Craig into it, he's not a fan of decorative cushions :( xx

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