Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fun with spray paint:

I went through to visit my parents last week and took advantage of their back garden to get some spray painting done while I was there.  The next few photos were taken by my glamorous assistant (big sister).

As you can see, I sprayed two frames and my jewellery storage hand gold to go with my bedroom colour scheme, and the other two frames glossy black to match a few I've already bought for the living room and hallway.  The whole process was fairly painless, although the gold paint seemed to dry much faster than the glossy black, for some reason.  I expected to make quite a bit of mess (hence the extremely attractive yellow apron) but came away with only two or three small blobs of black paint on my right arm that just looked like black freckles, and faded after a wee while.  As long as you lay down cardboard or newspaper, spray outside and use some common sense with how close you hold the can to what you're spraying (I learned this the hard way...) you'll probably be okay!

Above is the mirror that I mentioned in this post that has been hanging (mostly unused) in my bedroom at my parents' house for years, but was originally from my grandparents' dining room.  It's a nice sentimental heirloom that I'm glad I was allowed to have, and will keep for a very long time.

I realise that things look a bit disjointed and bare above our bed at the moment, but the plan is to slowly hang lots of frames and make a bit of a collage on the wall.  So far, above my side (left) I have a Some Like It Hot film cell, a Maccabees set list and a print that my best friend Emily made in high school (she has now just graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and her work is amazing, check it out here:

Craig's side only has one frame so far (and we just hung it today...) but the print is of an oil painting by his great uncle, George Wilkinson, who was an extremely talented artist.  Ever since I've known Craig, he's always had that print, but never found a frame for it or really been able to display it properly.  I was very chuffed when I found a frame the right size and colour in a nearby charity shop for 50p this morning!

I also want to give a special mention to my lovely Mum who made these cute sheep cushion covers for me as a house warming present.  My Mum is great at sewing, while I am absolutely rubbish (yes, I still get her to sew buttons on for me...) and the covers were not at all creased when she gave them to me: I only have my big bum to thank for that!

Here they are in action on my old Bargain Corner IKEA armchair (also from my bedroom at my parents' house) where I've put them for safe keeping and to avoid further creasing!

I feel like the flat is starting to take shape now and has a bit more character with some of our stuff up on the walls.  Having said that, we haven't even unpacked completely yet, so there's still quite a way to go!

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  1. LOVE the gold stuff. Particularly the hand and the mirror. Beaut.

    (Bear with me, I have at least two other comments to leave on other posts :P)