Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Burger Meats Bun, Edinburgh:

The title of this post might sound familiar, and that's because I wrote about Burger Meats Bun in Glasgow here not four months ago.  I am (justifiably) obsessed.  BMB was the only Scottish restaurant included in a recent list of the UK's top 10 burger joints, and I couldn't contain my excitement when I heard the news that they would be opening an Edinburgh branch on Forth Street.  Of course I made sure I was there on opening night a couple of weeks ago with Craig, and my previous rave review about their amazing food still stands.

Inside, BMB Edinburgh is enough like the Glasgow premises to feel comfortingly familiar, but not a carbon copy.  The restaurant has high Edinburgh ceilings (quite a change from the Glasgow basement on West Regent Street) and large windows, making it bright and airy, which is especially nice during summer.

I was quite unadventurous on this visit and stuck to my usual Big Cheese burger (no regrets, it's still the best burger around!), but I did try the Buffalo chicken wings for the first time which were super tasty.  Dedicated fans of the BMB Glasgow needn't worry: the only thing different about Edinburgh's burgers are the buns, which are slightly bigger, so you actually feel like you're getting more for your money.  Bonus!

I had a couple of tasty cocktails to wash down my burger (their Dark & Stormy is still my favourite) and then Craig and I shared the intriguingly named Burger & Shake on BMB's dessert menu.  This turned out to be a jam filled macaron 'burger' with a baby milkshake to wash it down, which arrived with stripy paper straws - a blogger's dream!

The BMB Edinburgh staff were so friendly and happy to chat, even though they were no doubt rushed off their feet on their first day of trading.  We even got to meet the lovely Ben who co-owns Burger Meats Bun and who is partly responsible for the creation of my favourite burger.  So, essentially, my absolute hero!

Although I'm sure you've got the message by now, I can't stress how good these burgers are.  If you are an Edinburger (get it?) pop down to Forth Street pronto and try out one of these bad boys for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!


  1. I actually live on Broughton Street, so when I saw that there was gonna be a burger place I was so excited!
    Still need to make it out there, do you think I need to book ahead?


    1. Sadly they only take bookings for six or more people, but I'm sure they'll be able to squeeze you in! :)

  2. This place sounds amazing! After being in Edinburgh last week, I wish I had known about it then but there's always next time!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Aww, sorry! Definitely one to check out next time :)