Saturday, 5 April 2014

Instagram #21:

1. My uni campus is home to some of the ugliest buildings Edinburgh has to offer, but the city views from the top of them are second to none.
2. Chipping in to help with the planning of our class project, SurGE magazine.
3. Craig fuelling up at City Cafe before a long day of filming.

4. Melissa, the pub quiz queen at our magazine fundraiser.
5. Learning how green screen magic happens in Napier's TV gallery.
6. A tired out morning selfie!

7. I drank beer for the first time in ages at Clerk's Bar, and also had the most delicious pulled pork hot dog.
8. Amazing cocktails with Nicola at Panda and Sons speakeasy style bar.  It's a really cool place, and the Super Tonic is perfect for G&T lovers like me.
9. Craig joining the party at Panda and Sons with a Wild Horse Canyon.

10. Nicola and (the other) Melissa swotting up for a lads mags story.
11. Visiting the (sleepy) pandas at Edinburgh Zoo for a news piece was so much fun!
12. There were a LOT of panda related souvenirs in the gift shop, including these earmuffs.

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