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The Organ Grinder's Monkey:

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Everyone and their mother seems to be turning to Kickstarter for project funding these days, and who can really blame them?  The only problem is that with so many worthy causes (and some perhaps not so worthy) to choose from on that site, you may find yourself wondering which ones to invest your hard earned cash in.  You might even miss some really good projects (and rewards).

Some of you might remember my posts last year about the Vanilla Ink Kickstarter.  I was really pleased to see those guys make well over £1,000 more than their target amount, and achieve their dream of exhibiting at International Jewellery London.  Even though I couldn't contribute a lot to their cause money wise, I hope my posts helped to raise awareness and thus helped them on their journey in some small way.

So, here I am, showcasing another Kickstarter page and hoping that it will encourage even just a couple of lovely people to contribute and help a talented and very nice band get to where they want to go.  The (brilliant) video below, featuring Neil from Edinburgh band Meursault and Matthew from the group's label Song, By Toad Records will explain pretty much everything that you need to know about the Kickstarter, but let me sum it up quickly for you anyway.

Meursault are off to America in March to play at arts festival South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, as well as touring around the east coast while they are there.  Obviously, doing this costs a fair bit of money but - also obviously - the band want to reward you for helping them out.  

The result is a mini album entitled The Organ Grinder's Monkey (hence the weird name of this post) that contributing fans will get to help choose the tracklisting for, as a thank you.  Did I mention that the album will primarily feature covers?  Covers that could be chosen by YOU, personally.  Pretty cool, huh?

As is the norm with Kickstarter, the rewards become more weird and wonderful as they increase in price.  For £300, you will receive your own private gig at the venue of your choice, as well as a signed bumper pack of goodies (including the mini album, of course) and the band's eternal gratitude.  However, for a very reasonable fiver, you will secure yourself a ticket to a special launch gig in Edinburgh, and will probably receive a great deal of gratitude as well.  So, you see, there's something for everyone.

Source: here

As you can see from the above screenshot, Meursault are already well on their way to reaching their target of £3,000 before Friday 7th February, but any extra funds raised will help to make this debut American tour better for both the band and their fans.

And if you're reading this thinking: 'I've never heard of Meursault before, what even is that?' then get listening!  And, more importantly, get to a gig and see them live.  They are a band with such an eclectic sound and repertoire that I can't imagine anyone they wouldn't appeal to, on some level.  Also, I'm pretty confident that Neil Pennycook has one of the most powerful voices in the entire world.  It has to be heard in person to be believed, so go and see them.  But, first:

Go get 'em, champs.

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