Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Instagram #18:

1. Christmas cookies that you can find the recipes for here.
2. My beloved Christmas jumper from Primark.
3. Nicola and me celebrating the end of term in our Christmas jumpers.

4. A delicious Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree, which was soon devoured...
5. Sunrise from the bus to work.
6. An amusing quote from Rupert Murdoch on the back of Dial M for Murdoch.

7. Some pre-Christmas treats from me, for me: one of the tree decorations I blogged about in December and Gingerbread shower gel from The Body Shop.
8. A lovely hand drawn Christmas card from my talented friend, Marianne.
9. A merry Christmas collage from Inferior Design (i.e. me) on Christmas Day.

10. My cousin and me with her amazing knitted Clanger.
11. A new Frightened Rabbit tshirt from Santa.
12. A little lost teddy bear at work who (thankfully) was rescued!

13. Fireworks at midnight for the New Year (and our ugly mugs).
14. My 2014 airedale terrier calendar.  What started as a joke has become a tradition!
15. Some non-ugly mugs, bought in the amazing Anthropologie sale.

16. Drinking a delicious raspberry Edinburgh Gin and tonic beside the Christmas tree.
17. I picked up this Laura Ashley ceramic egg holder in TK Maxx.  A totally vital purchase, I think you'll agree!
18. We caught James Stewart nearly having a chuckle to himself mid scene in Harvey (1950).  I love seeing actors nearly crack up!

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