Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Inferior Inspiration #10: Christmas decoration edition!

Some early birds have already put up their Christmas trees and decorations, but I am nowhere near that organised.  Our Christmas tree (the question of real or faux has not yet been decided) will hopefully go up this weekend.  I love going through all of the tree decorations I've collected over the last couple of years when it's time to decorate, but there is always room on my tree for one or two more!

1. I think Alfie the monkey from Paperchase would be an adorable addition to any Christmas tree.  Isn't he so pudgy and festive? (£5)

2. I've seen a few baubles for sale in the same style as this Papier Mâché Ball from Oliver Bonas this year.  I love the retro colours and pattern! (£9.50)

3. These cute Felt So Good Spotty Present decorations by John Lewis come in green and red too, but the blue is definitely my favourite. (£4.50)

4. Let's face it, one of the best things about Christmas are the jingle bells.  Asda is selling a Metal Bells decoration that you can hang on your tree and jingle all you want! (£2)

5. Anthropologie has a load of stunning decorations for Christmas 2013, but I find this Darting Hummingbird particularly pretty.  It comes in other colours too, but imagine the beautifully girly Christmas tree you could have with this and other pink decorations! (£4)

Although the tree usually takes pride of place, you can't forget other Christmas decorations for around and outside your home.  I narrowed it down to my three absolute, cannot live without favourites...

1. I recently visited Vinegar Hill for the first time, and although there aren't any Scottish stores, you can still order online.  This Large Standing Handmade Felt Robin caught my eye in the Bristol shop, wouldn't he look cheery perched somewhere in your house for Christmas? (£19.99)

2. A pink flamingo might not be your first thought when it comes to festive decor, but apparently it's not Christmas for Paperchase without one.  He's a cute flamingo, and it would definitely be a conversation starter.  Just imagine him with a little Santa hat on.  Cute! (£12)

3. Okay, okay, I'll admit this isn't a serious suggestion.  But only because I don't have my own garden, or easy access to the roof.  Who doesn't need an Inflatable Santa in a blue VW camper van to decorate outside their home?  Riddle me that. (£100)

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