Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 highlights:

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This post was originally going to be a final review of my 2013 New Year's resolutions, but I highly doubt that I've really achieved much of anything I set out to this year.  I did, at least, read a few more books than in 2012 and (barely) kept my blog afloat.  However, writing (for anything other than uni), decorating, saving, travelling and that arch enemy of mine, wasting less time, fell to the wayside.  Must do better.  Probably won't.  Oh well!

It's been a funny old year, and - despite what I haven't achieved - I've done some things over these last twelve months that I don't think I ever could have imagined.  It's made me realise (yes, me, an obsessive forward planner) that you can't really look too far into the future with any certainty.  You never know what's going to happen in life, or how you're going to feel when you wake up one seemingly normal day and do something completely different for no definable reason.  And even if that's merely a self indulgent justification for my own laziness - whatever, man.

In any case, I think 2013 has been a good year.  I say that because, like any year, it's had its ups and downs.  I've met some amazing new people, but I've also really missed some of my best friends who live far too far away for my liking.  I've started my Masters (a nice vocational course, this time!) and already had some crazy and rewarding experiences as a result, but this has simultaneously welcomed a great big dollop of good old stress back into my life.  I don't deal very well with stress.  Just ask Craig.

The main thing is that my life is moving forward again.  It kind of felt like things had ground to a halt for a while there, and it was really bumming me out.  Even though I now barely have time to bash out a quick blog post once a week (never mind take a proper day off to go and visit friends, or sleep in) I am much happier.  And, when it comes down to it,  isn't that the whole point?

In 2013 I...
saw some of my favourite bands live,
met and hung out with some lovely fellow bloggers,
visited Paris,
burned my legs (in Paris) for the very first time,
celebrated my blog's first birthday,
actually managed to attend some of the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe,
met one of my lyrical heroes, Scroobius Pip,
ate some delicious cake at Lovecrumbs,
turned 23,
visited Electric Brae,
bought a piano,
endured the longest microwave related saga in the history of mankind,
went back to uni,
started learning shorthand,
carved a pumpkin,
visited Bristol for the first time,
reconnected with some of my oldest friends,
was one of the first to know when two of those amazing people got engaged (exciting!),
drank a lot of caramel lattes,
felt sick a lot,
stopped drinking caramel lattes,
interviewed some extremely admirable people,
bought a real(ly massive) Christmas tree
and celebrated a wonderful four years with Mr Craig.

Not bad, 2013, not bad.

Source: here

Happy New Year, everybody.  As always, thank you for your readership and support.  Here's to 2014 - let's make it a great one!  (But not be too hard on ourselves if it isn't.)

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