Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Instagram #6:

1. My big sister on the even bigger ferris wheel  2. An iconic sight in Edinburgh around Christmas time  3. Edinburgh from the big wheel
4. Comparing my curly and straight hair  5. Straight(ish) hair and a new cosy jumper  6. Playing reindeer games in St Andrews Square
7. A Christmas card drawn by Marianne  8. Ruaridh, all wrapped up for Christmas  9. My friend Tom opening his Christmas present from me
10. The Frightened Rabbit necklace, made by Ruaridh, that I talk about in this post  11. Tasty oysters at our anniversary dinner  12. Craig piecing things together
13. A lovely surprise (I love balloons!)  14. My cheery santa tree ornament on Christmas Eve  15. Christmas morning (before I started feeling too unwell...)
16. Unbelievably cosy Christmas pyjama bottoms (from Craig)  17. I love this tshirt! Another great Christmas present (from Emily)  18. Showing off my new Scroobius Pip face jumper (from Craig)
19. I freaking love Airedale terriers! :)  20. Pip looking wise  21. Another of Marianne's creations (expertly photographed by myself, obviously)
22. Showing off my first Anthropologie bag and feeling posh!  23. What I actually bought from Anthropologie (£6)

Leave me your Instagram username in a comment below if you use it!  I'd love to have a nosey at what you've been up to.

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