Monday, 14 January 2013

Home improvements:

Ever since we moved into this flat six months ago (or maybe even before we moved in) I have had a list on my phone of all the things we NEED to buy.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, we have continued to exist without the majority of these items, but that list was really starting to bug me.

As you might be able to guess from the funky names, everything above is from IKEA and can be found on their website, if you fancy.  It's all very well showing you immaculate stock photos, but unfortunately my home is far from a crisp IKEA catalogue!  Here's what I did with my new purchases:

The shoe rack has made things a lot more aesthetically pleasing in the hallway, and the two shelves are great for normal shoes, winter boots and novelty shark slippers alike.

In my defence, it's pretty difficult to make a doormat look exciting, but I do think this one is cute whilst still being practical.

I didn't really think through the fact that I would have to be in any photograph I took of the new mirror, so here I am before work this morning.  Hello!  I'm excited to have a proper full length mirror again.

It might be a bit silly to keep keys in a glass bowl, but they do it in the movies, and that's a good enough reason for me.  It's quite a sturdy bowl, really, plus it looks nice and didn't cost the earth.  If it breaks I'll upgrade to something more sensible!

I love these glass candlesticks, and they're perfect for the Cath Kidston candles I was given for Christmas (I talk about them in this post).  At first I didn't like that they came in an odd number and in varying heights, but the end result is quite nice to look at.

Now for a couple of bonus photos!  These frames aren't in the collage, but they are from IKEA (they're called GLADSAX) and are the perfect size for displaying vinyl records or, in our case, these promotional Machine Head posters that Craig has been keeping a hold of and meaning to frame for about five years now.  They look great in the hallway, and I'm glad Craig can put some of his own personality into the decoration.  (See?  I'm nice and let him make some decisions!  Sometimes...)

I also thought I'd show off my lovely bargain lilies on the hearth (they were reduced to £2.99 in Waitrose!).  They are beautiful in a simple way, and (I like to think) they add a little more elegance to the room.  Plus, £2.99!  Did I mention that already?


  1. Hahaha the novelty slippers made me laugh! Also I'm loving that Craig gets the hall...once you have approved it. This is how life will work if me and Michael ever get a flat. Xxxxx

  2. I bought them for Craig for Christmas, they're so derpy! Haha, you're mean! Craig has lots of things on display. They have just been approved by me first... xxxx