Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Past:

Last weekend I went round to help my parents and sister put up the Christmas tree at home, and I had a rummage for some classic Christmas photos to share with you all.  Instagram filters have got nothing on these babies.

Look how jolly this Christmas tree is!  I miss having a real tree, I'm definitely planning on getting one next year.  This is what Christmas morning always looks like in our house after Santa has visited.

And let's take a moment to marvel at how far artificial Christmas trees have come since the early '90s.  That's me on the right, by the way.  I found several photos of us with our faces painted, and I was always a tiger.  Rawr.

I wish it would snow like this again, even just for Christmas Day!  The chauffeur service was pretty good, too.

Here I am dressed as the 'Arch Angel Girl's Brigade' (Angel Gabriel) for a Sunday School nativity play.  Yes, the Angel Gabriel is traditionally a man, and no he isn't often pictured  wearing a hand me down flower girl dress and tinsel, but I was a really good reader for my age, okay?

We're leaping backwards and forwards in time a bit here, but I wanted to save my favourite for last.  What I would give for hair like this now!  As you can see, the dark circles under my eyes have always been there - playing was much more fun than sleeping.  I might be an 'adult' now, but I always feel about this age on the inside on Christmas morning!


  1. Oh, and let's appreciate me rocking that snood.

    1. I wanted to give the snood a special mention, but I couldn't make it special enough.

  2. aww photos from the past are the best. You looked adorable!

    Francesca xo

    1. Haha, thank you! Not so adorable these days, unfortunately... :)