Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Winter Woollies - Boy Edition!

Seeing as my last post was quite girlie, I thought it was only fair to include any male readers I might have and get Craig to make his own autumn and winter clothes wishlist.  He is a fussy shopper, so this was quite hard work for him, but he did well in the end.  Bless!

1. Charcoal Wool Patch Peacoat by Topman - Me: 'What do you like about this jacket?'  Craig: 'What do I like about it?  [Looks panic stricken.]  It's... it's a jacket?'

2. Navy and Grey Knitted Bobble Hat by New Look - 'I just like it!  It reminds me of Home Alone.'

3. Brown Aztec Print Sweater by New Look - 'I like the print and the autumnal/wintery colour.'

4. Frampton Full Zip Hoody by Animal - 'I've always liked Animal clothing.  I think they have strong designs and the clothes are always good quality.  This isn't the kind of colour I'd normally go for, but oddly it suits the design the best.  I prefer zip up hoodies to pull over ones!'

5. Brown Poste Vibe Hiker Boots by Office - 'I like that these are boots, but look like hi-tops.'

6. Red Black Wool Skinny Peacoat by Topman - 'Wild card!  I just like this coat because it's different.  Red and black are also my favourite colours to wear.'

7. Charcoal Fairisle Knit Mitten Gloves by New Look - 'Gloves is gloves is gloves.  But I do like the design of these ones!'  (I like these too, and would probably pinch them! - Alex)


  1. Craig's a man with taste. This winter, part of me is tempted to go Feral Sweater Boy (a phrase coined by an illustrator I follow). Think Peter Pan if he wore all his jumpers at once.

    1. I'm not sure if Craig is planning to wear all of these items at once... But I wouldn't put it past him. (Also note the lack of trousers in this collage...)