Sunday, 15 July 2012

A hard day's shopping:

Craig and I went on a shopping mission today, and picked up quite a few of the smaller items we need for the new flat.

As you can see, we bought quite a bit from Matalan.  I really like this cassette tape print cushion, so we got two for the new sofa.  (Craig was also enthusiastic about them, which astounded me as he usually loudly claims not to understand 'the point' of decorative cushions. Apparently this is a common response in boys and men.)

I couldn't find the cushion on the Matalan website, so can't provide you with a link, but we got them for the fabulous sale price of £2 each.  If you are really enamoured with this print, it might be worth popping into your local branch to see if they've got any left!

Coloured utensils: 2 for £3
Mixing bowl: £6

We also got the above 'funky' kitchen utensils and mixing bowl from Matalan.  Again, I can't find either on the website, hence the dodgy photos.  Still, the branch we went to had a large amount of the utensils in a range of colours, so go and check in-store if you're interested!  I love the colour and pattern of the mixing bowl, and it will be a great size for baking.

Our Argos purchases were less aesthetically pleasing, more practical, but you might spot the kettle perched on top of the pile in the first photo!  And I thought we would never get around to buying one...  You will no doubt see the rest of what we bought in later posts, when we get into the new flat and are 'allowed' to start using everything we've bought.  I don't want to open or use anything new until we've moved!  Craig thinks I'm mental, but someone else must understand, right?  Right...?

We get the keys tomorrow (eek!) and then we'll be spending the next week moving from what is essentially one side of a road to the other.  Watch this space for more updates!

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  1. I was looking at that exact same bin today! I like the cushions :)