Sunday, 9 November 2014

Instagram #28:

1. Well these photos feel like part of a distant (beautiful) dream now, but Craig and I had these much needed cocktails at The Cheesecake Factory in Boston after a terrifying drive into the city during rush hour.  (You can watch Craig's traumatised reaction to that journey in our travel vlog here...)
2. I loved these coloured lanterns in Boston's Chinatown.
3. Autumn leaves (and my Doc Martens) on a rainy day in Harvard Yard.

4. Extremely strong cocktails in glasses made of ice at the amazing Frost Ice Bar in Boston.
5. Here I am eating a McDonald's in Times Square on our last day in NYC - the quintessential American experience, right?
6. Back in Blighty and having a lovely time at the John Lewis Christmas launch event.

7. Our flat was spookified for Halloween (just because I'm a saddo, not because we were having a party...).
8. £2.50 frozen margaritas at Paradise Palms on a school night.
9. There's nothing like a seasonal window display at Lovecrumbs to make a person feel festive.

10. I can finally buy knitwear again after we got a new washing machine, so to celebrate I treated myself to this amazing orange jumper with quilted pleather shoulders from H&M.
11. I snapped this moody sunset on my way home from work a couple of weeks ago.  Not bad, Edinburgh, not bad.
12. The lovely Nicola and I on our graduation day.

13. Last but not least, here's my (not so) wee Craig on his birthday on Friday.  Isn't he cute?

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