Monday, 8 September 2014

Instagram #26:

1. My wee Dad getting into the wedding spirit with a pint of red wine!
2. The band formerly known as Meursault on stage for the last time with some extra special guests.
3. 'So long, it's been good to know you.'

4. Coffee and cake at my beloved Lovecrumbs.
5. My beautiful new organiser from Paperchase - more on this in a future post!
6. One of my most talented friends, Tom, at his Masters degree show.

7. Enjoying some Festival time and saying farewell to my American pal Jordan before she disappeared home.
8. HILARIOUS poses on the Friends couch during the Fringe.
9. An unprofessional (but fun) selfie after interviewing Dan Clark.

10. I randomly met up with fellow blogger Jodie after a bizarre but awesome Fringe show.
11. Hanging out with my new poodle pal Charlie in France.
12. Craig the poodle whisperer.

13. Beaucoup des baguettes en France!
14. Just chilling in my pyjamas and bare feet on the streets of Brittany.
15. A comparison of my oldest friends and me, fifteen years apart.

16. Craig and I in our groomsman and bridesmaid finery.  Aren't we cute?
17. Up bright and early on a Saturday to watch 16 year olds play rugby.  As you do!
18. Celebrating my 24th birthday with prosecco and a viaduct.

19. My stunning and delicious birthday burger cake, made by my best friend Emily.
20. My birthday card from Craig featured a lot of our silly faces...
21. Lovely birthday flowers from my big sister.

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