Sunday, 8 June 2014

Instagram #23:

1. I found the perfect tshirt for a junk food addict like me for a steal in Primark.
2. I also picked up some junk food themed boxer shorts to wear as pyjamas, because I'm that cool.
3. Craig was excited to tuck into some treats from Mademoiselle Macaron.  You can read a longer post about it here!

4. Sometimes a large gin and tonic in a mug is the best medicine, don't you think?
5. I caught this lovely sunset outside work.  Scotland can be a pretty beautiful place in the sunshine.
6. Proof that I am now pretty crap at photography when it isn't digital...

7. My wee pal, me and a horrendous fish face.
8. Sunrise at 3:30am on Queen Street - well past my bed time!
9. Steven's turn to sample some of Mademoiselle's macarons.

10. Craig casually eyeing up some sweet rides at the Gumball 3000 car rally.
11. A nice, girly, purple Lamborghini.

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