Friday, 8 November 2013

Instagram #16:

1. A cute keepsake from Flat 0/1 in Glasgow - go there, it's cool!  2. A tiny Lego version of myself, built at the Lego store in Glasgow.  3. I love this Lego flamingo!

4. The crazy blob of hummus man on my new Paperchase pencil case.  5. The scary, secluded and foggy bus stop I always have to wait at after work...  6. Fleecy skull and cross bones pyjama bottoms from men's Primark.

7. I'm such a hoarder, I couldn't help taking this collection of swizzle sticks home from Hard Rock Cafe...  8. Three Blind Wolves getting excited on stage.  9. The most amazing coffee and caramel brownie from my beloved Lovecrumbs. Their brownies are the best I've ever tasted, and that's not an exaggeration!

10. Some wintery purchases, and the subject of this month's Inferior Book Group.  11. Craig getting all cosy!  12. Watching telly together under a tartan blanket on a Saturday night - old before our time!

13. I spotted these lovely retro Campbell's soup tins in Asda!  14. I couldn't resist buying this ridiculous (but amazing) crocodile Christmas decoration for our tree this year.  15. My attempt at a sugar skull pumpkin for Halloween this year!

16. My biggest culinary disaster to date (and there have been a few!) involved the bottom falling off my casserole dish...  17. A festive living room, all lit up for Halloween!  18. I fell in love with this carton shaped milk jug in Asda, but couldn't justify buying it. Yet.

19. Lots of cards on the mantlepiece, ready for Craig's birthday (which was yesterday!).    20. An extremely adult sticker that Craig gifted me, and which I wore all day at uni, and also out to dinner.

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