Sunday, 7 April 2013

Instagram #9:

Ooft, it's been a busy month!  Where did March go?

1. Wearing sunglasses for the first time this year!  2. These butterflies were all over trees in the Meadows one night on the way to the gym  3. A rainbow spotted after work

4. Fluffy clouds and blue sky (unheard of!)  5. My glow in the dark drink in Hive...  6. Craig helping me to straighten up our frame college for this recent post

7. A birthday Instagram dedication to my best and most elderly pal, Emily  8. I desperately wish I could afford these goldfish dinner plates from Anthropologie (sadly not at £16 a pop...)  9. Classy train drinking on the way to Dundee with Steven

10. A creepy collage of Steven sleeping...  11. The train home, only slightly worse for wear  12. Bulmers and tea at the amazing City Cafe

13. City Cafe's adorable menu  14. My new anchor jumper, featured in this post  15. A no filter shot from the bus stop outside work.  It can be surprisingly beautiful there!

16. Easter egg inspired nails  17. Craig looking super pretty!  18. Our combined Easter egg haul

19. An Easter egg hunt in my parents' garden (never too old)  20. New place mats featuring some feathered friends  21. My little totem pole cocktail friend at 52 Canoes Tiki Den (read my post about it here)

22. My cocktail mermaid face  23. Watching The Mindy Project on one laptop whilst blogging on the other from my cosy bed - bliss!  24. Emulating Don Draper with a horrendously strong old fashioned from Bar Kohl

Somehow I managed to miss this photo out (I'm way too tired, you guys) so I'm putting it here in pride of place!  Aren't they the cutest?

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  1. love that you still got an easter egg hunt!! (and slightly jel) xxx

    *also still haven't watched the mindy project. must rectify this.

    1. Haha, my Mum (I mean... the Easter Bunny...) always insists! And, yes, definitely get The Mindy Project watched. You will love it, and her! xxx