Thursday, 8 November 2012

Instagram #4:

1. Some cupcakes that got very damaged in transit...  2. My best wee pals!  3. Treat day at Starbucks

4. 'Will this microwave be all right in the microwave?'  5. A cosy outfit of the day  6. Did you know that this is what an egg looks like when you shine a light on it?!

7. Withered Hand playing Music Like A Vitamin at the HMV Picturehouse  8. Flowers from Craig when I wasn't feeling well :)  9. Hocus Pocus and Halloween nails!

10. The winter scarf is officially out!  11. Steven's Doc Brown look  12. A Richard Nixon Dracula mask

13. Craig wearing a matching shirt to a small boy in a '70s horror flick  14. Ruaridh pretending he can play guitar  15. My horribly drunk face...

16. A pancake breakfast for Craig's birthday  17. An odd note on Bruntsfield Links  18. Craig tempting fate with the glacier at Dynamic Earth

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