Friday, 14 September 2012

Slowly but surely:

It turns out working full time and turning 22 doesn't leave much time (or money) for decorating and improving a flat.  I did, however, finally manage to get most of the clutter on top of my dresser hidden away in one of the storage boxes I mentioned in this post.  Small victories, eh?

The clutter that I didn't quite manage to hide belongs to Craig.  I swear...  I also bought two bigger boxes in the same design to keep clean towels and bedding in on top of the wardrobe.  It doesn't always feel like it, but the flat is (very) slowly coming together.  Next on the agenda is the mammoth task of making covers for the sofa and armchair in the living room, with the help of my poor, long-suffering Mum.

By the way, I had a lovely birthday weekend and was totally spoiled by all of my lovely family and friends.  Enjoy the above cheesy group photo of me and some of my best pals.  Thanks, self timer!  Hope you all enjoy the weekend!  (I will be at work...)


  1. I think your dresser looks great! Soo looking forward to everything coming together :D
    S xx

    1. Thanks, Seonaid! I think it will be a long time coming before everything is finished :( xx

  2. I have at least two perfumes in common with you :)

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